2017 Information Governance Session

2017 Information Governance (IG) & Monetisation Session

STEP 1 – Before the start of Martin Spratt’s IG session today…

  • Do this quick survey click here (CLOSED) See the presentation pack for questions asked or email for a copy of the questions.

STEP 2 – Enjoy the session. Email for a copy of the presentation pack.

STEP 3 – At the end of the session in the Q&A session we’ll discuss the survey results…

  • In the room we found AUD$954,071,720 per annum Data Damage to be recovered by our respective IG programs (participants) – this was an exercise, but not unrealistic. Our client production examples are + or – 5%.
  • Review the survey detailed results click here (CLOSED) email for a copy of the results or raw data.

STEP 4 –  Wrap Up – At the end of the session please provide any session feedback, or request for research papers, or learn more..

  • Please provide session feedback, or ask for Data Valuation research papers or learn more click here

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