Data Manifesto

Accept this or reject  this ?

Regardless, read the Data Manifesto and learn how digital leaders will positively influence the intelligent management of humanity’s most enduring, reusable and valuable asset. It’s data.

“Commercially, organizations cannot make money from an invisible, unmanaged asset class like “data”, that does not appear on the balancesheet. Period. The Data Manifesto will drive a global rethink in the C-suite that will revolutionize this asset class. “ – Martin Spratt 2017

The Data Manifesto now our company’s primary industry manifesto. We believe this will re-rate the future economic “thrivability” of all digitally enabled organizations, and supersedes iterations of data technologies, tools or platform.

In doing, as a professional community of signatories we are each committed to helping all leaders gain understanding and mastery over their data assets.

Link: Data Manifesto by Thomas Redman, James Price, Danette McGilvray, John Ladley and Kelle O’Neal



Data Quality for Financial Performance