Pricing & Benefits


Your Data Quality Damage Estimate

  • Use cases estimate DQ damage in excess of 20% of your non-IT staff.
  • Eg; 2,000 FTE x 20% x $65,000 (average annual salary) = $26m damage per annum
  • We call this the “Data Quality Drag Value” – what is your exact commercial drag ? ClearDQ will tell you with precision.

Your ClearDQ Investment

  • ClearDQ is a “per user” pricing model, at USD250.00 per user in packs of 50 users.
  • Eg; 2,000 Users = 40 Packs = $500k

4-6 Weeks Turnaround

  • The ClearDQ data gathering and diagnostic process take 4-6 weeks depending on the number of users licensed.
  • We strongly recommend a small departmental or regional pilot of up to 500 staff to configure the software, your lexicon, your business nomenclature and your systems acronyms.

Security and Data Access

  • No data or system access is required to execute ClearDQ. None. This is called an OUTSIDE-IN approach, which is faster and more commercially relevant that traditional INSIDE-OUT approaches.
  • ClearDQ runs in the cloud (and can easily run on-premise).

Screenshots of the ClearDQ app and dashboard

ClearDQ – Mobile App for DQ diagnostics
ClearDQ – Real-time investment, damage and recovery dashboard
ClearDQ is based on the book “Data Quality – Trusted Data Across the Enterprise” (ISBN 978-1906355210) by Martin Spratt

Data Quality for Financial Performance