In a Nutshell

ClearDQ is the sum of 30+ years of Data Architecture and Data Maturity learning, turned into software code, to rapidly produce evidence to identify:

  1. The granular discovery of All Data Asset Usage: Which datasets, data tools, reports and data platforms are used in an organization, and by whom
  2. Which Sub-optimal Business Functions impacted by poor performing data services or data capabilities
  3. The Commercial Value Damage imputed to the organization when the data is not working properly
  4. The recommend Strategic Data Investment Roadmap to recover the commercial damage identified, and…
  5. Precisely how to defend of uplift  your Data Asset Value

We have client who have been using ClearDQ for several years, and enjoying significant “measurable and verifiable” competitive and commercial gains by adopting the improvement recommendations generated by the ClearDQ data valuation engine.

If you are a CDO (Chief Data Office) or a data leader and have no equivalent of ClearDQ, you will manually struggle to gather the granular commercial evidence that ClearDQ provides, to drive, fund and execute your data improvement agenda.

ClearDQ is a day 1, essential survival tool for any business centric CDO or Business-aligned Data Leader.

Without access to real-time commercial improvement metrics, linked to industry proven Data Capability Models, your data improvement programme (and the credibility and relevance of your job role) is at risk from day 1.

Without ClearDQ (or a manual equivalent), the CDO role, in our opinion, is actually irrelevant.

Data Quality for Financial Performance