Data Quality Business Case

Are you considering a Data Quality platform like Talend (*), or even developing your own  ?

  • Your Business Case will be a challenge.
  • Let ClearDQ rapidly collect and validate the economic evidence as input to your Business Case

Areas of Data Management like Metadata Management, MDM, Data Quality, Data Governance and Data Maturity are well known by data experts to be vital to the healthy management of data and data assets. However, establishing coherent commercial metrics that underpin the value of these data themes is a challenge that requires economic evidence.

Ask us how ClearDQ can automate the collection of your economic data metrics so you can show year-on-year the benefits of improved Data Quality tools & disciplines.

(*) We are not a Stibo, IBM, Collibra, IBM, SAP, Informatica, Oracle, Talend, Pentaho, MAPR, Terdata (etc etc) or other tool vendor reseller. We do not resell any vendor products other than our own which are unique in driving economic value from data and data assets. We are vendor agnostics Data Architects who have transferred our Data Architecture IP into software bots.

Data Quality for Financial Performance