2016 ICAANZ Resources

18 August 2016 

TITLE: “The Emerging Data Quality Crisis: CFO’s Driving Smarter Data Technology Investments”

Session Agenda

  • IT and Technology departments have become reactionary and have often  been fruitless in stemming the growth of Data Quality damage
  • CFO’s and Finance Leaders are stepping up to solve the Data Quality problem and ultimately drive smarter data technology investments that produce fast, trusted, accessible and accurate data for the whole organisation, not just the finance domain.
  • Over the last 15+ years, all global CFO’s surveys have indicated that Data Quality and Integrity is in the top 5 problem (often number 1 or 2) that CFO’s face
  • The hype-cycle and global trends around Big Data and Analytics offer very little (if any) relief from growing Data Quality pain, and in fact create more Data Quality problems by duplicating poor quality data faster. (Garbage-in, Garbage Out at scale)
  • Today’s session unpacks the benefits of “business driven data quality initiatives” in contrast to out-dated and ineffective technology efforts, that shift more power and control over data investment decision making to the CFO that drive business performance uplift, data value unlock and mitigate emerging data risks
About Today’s Speaker
Martin Spratt author, speaker and data software designer is a global Data Quality expert and Large Data System specialist. He has work on leading edge data solutions for over 3 decades in UK, Canada, NZ, USA and throughout Asia in diverse industries such as Heavy Industry, Transport, Insurance, Banking, Mining. He has often lead Data Architecture and Strategic Analytics functions, driving innovative business solutions in Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain, Risk, Credit, HR, Payroll, Finance, Marketing, Sales and performance analysis. He is a former IBM Director and former IBM Liaison to the USA-Israel Chamber of Commerce. He is the developer of the ClearDQ “Data Quality for Financial Performance” Framework and Software, and operates a global data consulting and advisory business based in Melbourne with a sales office in Atlanta.
Powerpoint Presentation Deck (x1)
  1. ICAANZ_Data_Quality_Crisis_v02.pptx

Research Papers used as Input (over 80+ reports were used, these were the significant ones) (x8 Only)

  1. 2006_CIMA_improving_decision_making.pdf
  2. 2007_PwC_management_information_and_performance.pdf
  3. 2010_ICAANZ_Continuous_Assurance_for_now_economy.pdf
  4. 2015_gartner_critical_cfo_technology_needs.pdf
  5. 2016_Deloitte_Opportunities_and_challenges_for_CFOs.pdf
  6. 2016_Deloitte_global_human_capital_trends.pdf
  7. 2016_Experian_globaldatamanagementbenchmarkreport.pdf
  8. 2016_WorldEconomicForum_GlobalRisksReport.pdf

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