About ClearDQ


 Automated Data Asset Valuation Software

Designed for Business Leaders to take charge of their own Data.

  • ClearDQ gives business leaders the economic evidence, language and tools to stop data value destruction, and defend or uplift data value.
  • ClearDQ is the only tool available on the planet (since 2012) that is able to value data in the IAS38 INTANGIBLE ASSET class and rate data damage as required by auditors on an annual basis to measure IAS36 IMPAIRED ASSET requirements.
  • Data is now a true Business Asset on the balance sheet, owned and managed by business leaders and is no longer an IT object.

ClearDQ is a framework, method and business-executive analytic engine that measures the commercial (dollar value) damage of poor quality data and drives the recovery of that damage through the intentional, intelligently funded and sequenced uplift of Data Maturity initiatives.

Software-as-a-Service in the Cloud or On-Premise

ClearDQ is delivered as an intelligent software engine, that completes the analysis in days/weeks, and it’s real-time financial metrics remain available continually to guide all major data, information technology changes and data investments to ensure business information is easy to access, controlled and trustworthy.

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Data Quality for Financial Performance